Rabbit Forest – iOS & Android


Rabbit Forest – iOS – Android – iAP + ADMOB + Leaderboards + Chartboost Buildbox


Rabbit Forest Winter Edition (Summer Edition is in our Portfolio) is a fun and addictive game with a High Quality Parallax Background (speed is adjustable). You can either Fly with a Jetpack or just Run and Jump. In each level you can find a Jetpack, you just need to fetch him to so you can fly.

We made a cool Health Bar that you should keep an eye on! when your energy is run out you’re dead, you can find many energy packs in the game, so make sure you get them all packed so you get as far as possible in the game. You can also buy a Energy Pack in the Shop with Coins / Loot or with Real Money (iAP).

look out for the evil monsters in the game! the Chest with the big teethes will take a lot of energy from you and the mushroom shoot a toxic substance into the air! you should avoid this toxic.

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